Hospital Digitization: A Pathology Parallel | Tribun Health

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Hospital Digitization: A Pathology Parallel | Tribun Health

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[JANUARY 18TH, 2023]

For more than 15 years now, Laurent Treluyer (Physician and Director of Digital Services at AP-HP) and Ludovic d'Apréa (Chief Customer Officer at Tribun Health) have been combining their expertise to develop information systems in French hospitals. At the forefront of digitization, these two pioneers share with us today their analysis of the state of the market, particularly in the field of pathology. 

Informations Entreprise (IE): For several years, the medical sector has been seeking to reinvent itself. What are the new concepts that the hospital must integrate today?

Laurent Treluyer: Medicine has been specializing for about 20 years now. This hyper-specialization allows us to offer a multidisciplinary approach to the patient, which is the basis for a personalized approach, and therefore for a more detailed analysis of the disease.


Download the complete interview to discover a comparative analysis of the sector and the hospital world from 20 years ago and today: 


This article was published in Informations Entreprise N°185 January, February, March 2023.