Four good reasons to switch to digital pathology | Tribun Health

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Four good reasons to switch to digital pathology | Tribun Health

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[JUNE 21TH, 2021]

Digital pathology describes the transition from histopathological diagnosis with microscope to virtual microscopy on the computer. The digitization of pathology services is promising and offers the answer to an increasing workload and to complexity of establishing a diagnostic in an era of targeted therapies. In the past few years and thanks to the latest technological advances, digital microscopy has revolutionized the clinical pathology practices. Thus, you will find in this article four good reasons to switch to digital pathology. 

1. Reorganizing laboratories to meet the requirements of precision medicine:

Never before has the establishment of a diagnosis been so complex, requiring the integration of heterogeneous and complex data. Anapath has a crucial role to play in determining with precision at the tissue and cellular level the diagnosis, but also [...]


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