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Collagen prediction and virtual saffron staining from HE

[NOVEMBER 18TH, 2022] Authors: 1. Guillaume Balezo, 2. Christof A. Bertram, 3. Cyprien Tilmant, 4. Stéphanie Petit, 1.

Domain-specific Cycle-GAN Augmentation - MIDOG 2021

[FEBRUARY 23TH, 2022] Authors: Rutger H.J. Fick, Alizera Moshayedi, Gauthier Roy, Jules Dedieu, Stéphanie Petit, and ...

Digital Pathology at Paris Saclay Hospital Group

[AUGUST 31TH, 2021] This document aims to present the experience of Paris Saclay Hospital’s pathology department....

Four good reasons to switch to digital pathology

[JUNE 21TH, 2021] Digital pathology describes the transition from histopathological diagnosis with microscope to...


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Webinar : Digital Pathology Application (in French)

[APRIL 14TH, 2021] Contents :  1. Tribun Health vision – with Jean-François Pomerol (5min) 2. Feedback - with Dr...

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