Transforming cancer diagnosis powered by AI with CaloPix

At Tribun Health, we develop advanced computational pathology solutions to help clinicians and researchers in cancer diagnosis and prognosis. By pushing the limits of technology, we've developed solutions that have the potential to radically transform the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Our technology stack is state-of-the-art, leveraging the power of Convolutional Neural Network-powered Computer Vision. But what really sets us a part is the unique way we address significant challenges, such as digital image quality variability, insufficient data and regulatory constraints that restrict data transfer.

The power of  automated analysis
Accelerate and enhance workflow and confidence

Automated tissue detection, segmentation and classification.

digital pathology with artificial intelligence

Leading the way in AI-enabled pathology innovation

Tribun Health is committed to advancing the field of digital pathology through the development of a comprehensive AI portfolio. CaloPix 5 is built to seamlessly run a range of AI Apps to assist cancer diagnosis and prognosis.Today, our in-house algorithms, and those of key leading AI partners, make our computational pathology platform very powerful and comprehensive:

1. Some of our algorithms are designed to optimize workflow and increase efficiency.

2. Others are focused on providing diagnostic support, enabling pathologists to achieve more efficient, accurate and timely diagnoses.

3. Tribun Health also offers AI algorithms benefiting the drug discovery community.

Below is a list of AI Algorithms offered by Tribun Health, as well as those currently undergoing validation. 

Watch Saima Ben Hadj, AI & Computer Vision Director at Tribun Health, discuss the latest AI innovation for cancer diagnosis and treatment. This session took place at the AI for Health Summit '22.

AI solutions for Workflow Optimization

AI App: Quality Control* (by Tribun Health)

Intelligent slide auto-import that identifies low quality slides (i.e. missing tissue, blur, artefact, out of focus, folds etc)

AI App: Virtual Collagen Prediction* (by Tribun Health)

Eliminate the need for physical staining and avoid delays

AI App: Saffron Removal* (by Tribun Health)

Standardize staining and enable running third party AI algorithms on HES slides

AI App: QC for Molecular Biology* (by Tribun Health)

Determine appropriate samples for DNA extraction by assessing the availability of sufficient tumor

AI solutions for Diagnostic Support

AI App: KI67 ER PR (by Tribun Health)


KI67, ER, and PR biomarkers to support therapy decision

AI App: HER2 (by Tribun Health)


HER2 scoring to support therapy decision

AI App: Mitosis (by Tribun Health)


Mitosis detection for patient prognosis

AI App: KI67 (by MindPeak)


KI67 biomarker scoring to support therapy decision

AI App: AID* (by Tribun Health)


Colon lesion prescreening to speed up the diagnosis and increase the pathologist confidence

AI App: MSIntuit CRC (by Owkin)


Detects microsatellite instability (MSI) to better target genomics.

AI App: Cytology* (by Tribun Health)


Detect atypical cytology cells for detecting precancerous cases

AI App: LUNG (NSCLC) PD-L1 (by MindPeak)


Quantification of the PDL1 biomarker for lung biopsy in non-small cell lung cancer.

AI App: DeepDx Prostate CNB (by DeepBio)


Prostate cancer Gleason grading


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AI solutions for Drug Discovery

Disclaimer: Please note that products marked with an (*) are currently in development and are not yet available for purchase. The information provided on this website is subject to change and may not be final.  We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, and we assume no liability for any errors or omissions. By accessing this website, you acknowledge that the products marked with (*) are not yet available and that any information provided is for informational purposes only.

Forging Strategic Partnerships to Drive AI Innovation

Results are worth 1,000 words.

Tribun Health has been competing in a range of algorithm performance contests and is proud to have ranked high in several of them. Namely...

1. Data challenge SFP 2020 - First place award. Cervix biopsies grading.

2. Data challenge MICCAI - MIDOG 2021 - 3rd place. Mitosis detection (Breast Cancer).

3. Innov’UP PIA 2019 - Digestive biopsies sorting, labeled Medicine (received financing).

4. Grand Défi IA - Clinical validation of MoSI4Bca application.

5. iTech Awards 2020-2021 (Sanofi) - AI model for oncology clinical trials patient stratification.

6. Trophées de la Health Tech France Biotech 2021 - One of 4 nominated companies in E-health award.

Tribun Health's platform solutions


Image Management System


Gross Image Capture

TeleSlide Patho

Telepathology Solution

CaloPix Archive

Data Storage Solution


Image Management System


Gross Image Capture

TeleSlide Patho

Telepathology Solution

CaloPix Archive

Data Storage Solution

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