Multi-Year Partnership to Digitize CYPATH Group | Tribun Health

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Multi-Year Partnership to Digitize CYPATH Group | Tribun Health

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[JULY 7TH, 2021]

Tribun Health today announced a new partnership with Lyon based CYPATH. This collaboration will allow the group’s 60 pathologists to move to a digital workflow, to collaborate around a shared database over the next few years thanks to the integration of advanced digital pathology workflows. CYPATH laboratory aims to scan 2 million slides per year. So far, an estimated less than 5% of labs across Europe have enhanced their pathology operation through digitalization.

“Since our inception, CYPATH has been leading the way in pathology. Today, we demonstrate our continued commitment to providing the most advanced, accurate and data-driven solutions for our clients,” says Philippe Chalabreysse, President at CYPATH. “We selected Tribun Health after a thorough and rigorous assessment to ensure we lean on the right partner, and we look forward to the journey.”

“Tribun Health's deep expertise in the end-to-end pathology workflow is what our organization needs to ensure a [...]".


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