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Digital Pathology at Paris Saclay Hospital Group | Tribun Health

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[AUGUST 31TH, 2021]

This document aims to present the experience of Paris Saclay Hospital’s pathology department. First, we will see the process that has been put in place to initiate the technological transition and its current progression. Then, we will analyze the results and benefits identified following the pathologist worflow modifications. Thirdly, we will study the future projects of the department which are related to the development of digital pathology, especially in terms of artificial intelligence algorithms and slide storage. Lastly, in the closing section, Dr Guettier - Head of the Pathology department and professor at the University of Paris Saclay - and her team will give some advice to start a successful transition.

This white paper outlines the various benefits of the technological changeover which can be summarized as: an increased productivity, the elimination of time-consuming tasks, an improved laboratory performance and reduced costs. Through the experience of the Paris Saclay Hospital Group (HG), we will see how digital pathology allows pathologists to contribute to the improvement of patient care.

Download the white paper.