Pathology News - Interview Jean-François Pomerol, CEO Tribun Health

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Pathology News - Interview Jean-François Pomerol, CEO Tribun Health

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Interview with Jean François Pomerol - CEO, Tribun Health, Paris, France

BIOSKETCH: After graduating from HEC, Paris, Jean-François began his career in auditing and corporate finance, notably at Société Générale in Frankfurt. He joined TRIBVN, a pioneer in digital images, in 1999 to contribute to its development. Convinced by the potential of digital pathology, he created Tribun Health in 2016, where he remains as CEO. His in-depth knowledge of the sector and its actors allows him to play an important role in the industry and to guarantee the success of the company’s strategy in the digital pathology market, both in France and internationally.

JT – Jean François Pomerol, you are CEO of Tribun Health. Can you tell me something about your field of activity and how long Tribun has been specifically active in the digital pathology market?

JFP – Tribun is a European company based in Paris with 40 people. We sell our products in France, across the whole of Europe, Canada, and the United States.We are a company that is dedicated to digital transformation in the diagnosis of cancer, and we pride ourselves on being able to accompany our customers on the digitization journey as they switch from microscope based to computer-based workflows. Of course, that is the very visible part of what we do, and I also believe strongly that we are changing the way cancer diagnosis is done through introducing a digital ecosystem and providing access to new sources of data as well as image analysis and AI solutions. [....]

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