Tribun Health Enters a Strategic Partnership With Mindpeak

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Tribun Health Enters a Strategic Partnership With Mindpeak

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[AUGUST 3RD, 2022]

Tribun Health is excited to have established a strategic partnership with Mindpeak to provide pathologists with the best AI diagnostic tools for breast cancer. As a result, Mindpeak's breast cancer algorithms have been seamlessly integrated into the reference image management software, CaloPix 5, enhancing the pathologist's capabilities.

 "I am very excited about this strategic partnership. We are combining our fields of expertise to deliver ultimate clinical confidence and increased productivity. The integration and development of our catalog of the best third-party algorithms is an integral part of our end-to-end digital pathology suite, providing pathologists with a complete workflow for a high-value experience", says Jean-François Pomerol, CEO at Tribun Health. [...]

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