Advancing Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence

EyeDo is a web-based computational pathology platform powered by deep learning for image analysis in translational and preclinical research. Tribun Health's EyeDo platform aims to optimize processes and enhance the capabilities of biopharmaceutical companies and CROs involved in drug discovery and development. 

pictogram security
Your data is protected by state of the art security with end-to-end encryption.
pictogram web-based
Access all the EyeDo features through an internet connection, ensuring a consistently optimal user experience.
pictogram deployment
Benefit from on-demand click deployment. EyeDo installation is fast, flexible and scalable.

Effortless Slide Visualization and Analysis: The EyeDo Difference

Tribun Health's patent-protected viewer allows for seamless slide visualization from any location, at any time, whether using a microscope or a computer. With EyeDo, navigate through images easily at single-cell or whole slide level and harness your qualitative and quantitative results instantly 

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Foster scientific progress through collaboration

EyeDo provides a flexible platform that allows pathologists, data scientists, and clinical managers to share images, annotations, and reports from anywhere. With EyeDo, digital assays can be mutualized in a single platform, and partners can choose to share or integrate the entirety or parts of their data sets. Access to EyeDo cloud-based platform is secured with different levels of permissions, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality. Eye Do also offers functionalities such as controlled workflows and meets security and compliance requirements (21 CFR Part 11, GCP, …).

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