Advancing Healthcare with Precision Medicine and AI-Driven Optimization

Tribun Health's ambition is to create a comprehensive digital pathology platform that seamlessly integrated AI models, CDx commercialization expertise, and data workflows to provide a one-stop-shop solution for our Pharma, CRO, and Biotech partners.
By joining forces with our customers and leveraging technology and know-how, we aim to optimize costs, reduce time to market, and increase the chance of success for our clients.
Our goal is to provide a reliable platform that simplifies and streamlines the entire process, from data acquisition and analysis to commercialization, ultimately modernizing the way Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies as well as CROs implement and use digital pathology in their research and development efforts.

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Don't miss our latest presentation on Fully Automation NASH Quantification using Deep Learning Applications, which was delivered at the 6th Global NASH Congress in London in March 2023.

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Precision Medicine Transformation & Drug Development Optimization

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De-risk clinical studies.

Leverage from our central digital pathology platform to refine patients stratification strategies and increase your success rates for clinical studies. Patient inclusion into clinical studies will be optimised to avoid inefficient recruitment and clinical study failures due to poor responses to new therapies. Digital Pathology is becoming a key component for personalized healthcare and is driving critical therapeutic decisions for better patient outcomes. Digital Pathology represents a powerful emerging approach to classify cellular interactions and signaling by identifying relevant phenotyping and spatial relationships.   

Deploy and commercialize your companion diagnostics.

We support you with the development of your AI model and CDx from scratch using our AI expert team and innovative learning methodologies. We help you to deploy your CDx through our AI marketplace linked to our digital pathology suite. Our diverse and broad hospitals network can access your CDx for quicker diagnostics and treatment decision facilitating novel therapy adoption. We're your partner of choice for CDx development and commercialization.

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