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Artificial Intelligence Apps for Drug Dicovery with the EyeDo Platform

Tribun Health offers a wide range of AI-powered applications for pathology, developed by a seasoned team of data scientists in collaboration with experienced pathologists. These deep-learning-based applications can be used in both research and clinical projects, addressing major challenges in pathology such as image analysis and data extraction. Users can explore which application is best suited for their project based on the image modality they are working on. Explore our applications below and discover the possibilities of AI. 

H&E Image Modality

Steatosis, H&E (by Tribun Health)

Outputs: micro & macro-vacuolation, mean vesicle size, ballooning hepatocyte density

Fibrosis, H&E (by Tribun Health)

Outputs: fibrosis, junction branch analysis

Inflammation, H&E (by Tribun Heath)

Outputs: immune cells, immune cell foci, cell proximity within portal regions

IF Image Modality

ImmunoOncoPlex, mIF (by Tribun Health)

Panel: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD68, PD-L1, FoxP3, Ki67 & CK.

Outputs: spatial analysis, immune response

Cell detection, IF (by Tribun Health)

DAPI detection.

Output: cell number and position

B cell population, IF (by Tribun Heath)

Biomarker classification: CD20. Outputs: cell phenotyping, spatial analysis

T cell population, IF

Biomarker classification: CD3, CD4, CD8. Outputs: cell phenotyping, spatial analysis

Macrophage population, IF (by Tribun Health)

Biomarker classification: CD68.

Output: cell phenotyping, spatial analysis

Cell activity, IF (by Tribun Health)

Biomarker detection: PD-L1, PD-1, Ki67, CASP3.

Outputs: apoptosis, proliferative & inhibitory cells

Tumor component, IF (by Tribun Heath)

Biomarker detection: cytokeratin.

Outputs: tumor detection & segmentation

CustomPlex, mIF

Define your own panel.

Output: spatial analysis, t-SNE, cell infiltration

IHC Image Modality

Tumor detection, IHC (by Tribun Health)

Tumoral cell cluster segmentation.

Output: tumor area

Nuclear expression, IHC (by Tribun Health)

Biomarker detection: p53, p63.

Output: H-score

Membrane expression, IHC (by Tribun Health)

Biomarker detection: CDH17, Trop2.

Output: Segmentation, H-score

Cytoplasmic expression, IHC (by Tribun Health)

Biomarker detection: BIRC2.

Output: H-score

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