Gustave Roussy : Médecine Personnalisée Numérique | Tribun Health

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Gustave Roussy : Médecine Personnalisée Numérique | Tribun Health

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[DECEMBER 2ND, 2022]

"Increasingly, the pathologist is taking his place as a pillar in the development of the
diagnosis. In the same way as clinical, biological analysis, medical imaging or genomics, anatomopathology contributes to the development of a 360° vision view of the patient. It is by integrating pathology as well as possible into the workflows and the patient pathway that personalised medicine can take off. A logic that Tribun Health is working to deploy in health establishments." [...]

Download below the article: Digital pathology for a personalised medicine at Gustave Roussy. This article was written by SIH Solution and was published in the issue: September - October - November 2022. It gathers the testimonies of various key players in the market:

  • Professor Jean-Yves Scoazec, Head of the Department of Pathology at Gustave Roussy
  • Dr Magali Lacroix-Triki, Pathologist at Gustave Roussy
  • Christophe Mattler, Director of Information Systems at Gustave Roussy
  • Jean-François Pomerol, CEO at Tribun Health

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