GE Healthcare and TH Announce a Collaboration | Tribun Health

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GE Healthcare and TH Announce a Collaboration | Tribun Health

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[OCTOBER 18TH, 2022] 

Tribun Health is excited to collaborate with GE Healthcare to advance the digital pathology transformation. This collaboration results in the integration of Tribun Suite digital pathology data into GE applications, such as its Edison Datalogue neutral archiving system.

"The oncology care pathway is one of the most complex with multiple steps involving a variety of specialists, complex tools, frequent decisions and large data sets,” said Nalinikanth Gollagunta, CEO of Enterprise Digital Solutions at GE Healthcare.  “With this digital pathology collaboration, we continue our journey towards simplifying the oncology care pathway with improved data management, the digitization of pathology and streamlined data access. Tribun Health is an important collaborator to achieve this objective and build on GE Healthcare's enterprise approach to bringing clinical depth and AI at the point of care."


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