AI solutions for improved cancer diagnosis & treatment | Tribun Health

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AI solutions for improved cancer diagnosis & treatment | Tribun Health

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[DECEMBER 1ST, 2022]

The latest advances in AI revolutionized the field of histopathology. Tribun Health, as a  computational pathology pioneer, empowers pathology labs and pharma sponsors with the latest cutting-edge automated AI tools.

You can find below the replay of the oral presentation of Saima Ben Hadj, Director of AI and Computer Vision at Tribun Health. This recording was made at the AI for Health 2022 Summit. 

  • For cancer diagnosis, our interpretable, precise, and fast AI tools enable pathologists to be confident in their decision and save a lot of their time by suppressing draining tasks such as cell counting or lesion identification. We showcase a bunch of our applications designed to optimize cancer diagnosis practices in different pathology fields. This includes colon polyp grading, breast cancer biomarker scoring, prostate Gleason grading, and many others.
  • For pharmaceutical labs and optimized cancer treatment, we also present new AI approaches for discovering new therapy pathways enabling improved overall patient survival. Thanks to our interpretable AI tools, we highlight the histological phenotypes on which the AI relies to predict patient outcomes. These phenotypes provide a new characterization of patients with a good prognosis which opens the doors to new treatment pathways.