Tribun Health creates a scientific and medical board

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Tribun Health creates a scientific and medical board

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The scientific and medical board purpose is to guide the company in the scientific and technological choices implemented and to ensure that the solutions are well suited to the needs of physicians and patients. This is particularly critical in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for enhanced diagnosis.

The board is composed of independent scientific researchers and medical pathologists. Francesco Ciompi, Assistant Professor and researcher at the Radboud University Medical Center, specialist in AI for image analysis in pathology, chairs this board. He works closely with the Tribun Health executive committee, especially Saima Ben Hadj, AI and Computer Vision Director. Their collaboration allows to determine the best algorithmic approaches, to implement innovative strategies and to enable Tribun Health to be a leading and recognized AI actor in pathology.

Francesco Ciompi specifies “I am pleased to join Tribun Health in its scientific reflection, particularly on the theme of AI & Pathology. It is from academic and industrial cooperation that the solutions and products that will be used routinely in the future will emerge. I began my role as Chair of the Tribun Computational Pathology Scientific Board a few months ago, and since then I have been collaborating with the Tribun scientific team on development of AI-based computational pathology solutions . Tribun Health is already serving a large number of pathology laboratories for clinical diagnostic, research and teaching, as well as pharma & biotech, making it one of the actors who can reach pathologists and bring innovation with AI-based solutions”

Professors Isabelle Salmon and Jean-François Fléjou, medical pathologists, respectively at the Erasme Hospital ULB in Brussels and at Saint-Antoine, AP-HP Sorbonne University in Paris, bring their expertise in pathology and ensure the medical coherence of both product and algorithmic developments. They contribute to the evaluation and validation of the medical benefit of the solutions for physicians and patients, to the understanding and interpretation of medical data, and to the analysis of scientific trends.

Jean-François Pomerol concludes: “The creation of this scientific and medical board is a huge step forward for Tribun Health in its desire to develop solutions at the cutting edge of scientific and engineering innovation for the benefit of our clients. By providing vision and expertise, the board will enable us to continue to be one of the leading actors in the field of digital transformation of cancer diagnosis with a major impact on patient care.”


À propos de Tribun Health : Tribun Health permet de prendre des décisions en toute confiance. La société privée basée à Paris répond à un besoin non satisfait et exponentiel de numérisation de bout en bout des services de pathologie. C'est un pionnier des solutions en pathologie numérique pour améliorer le workflow des pathologistes avec l'acquisition d'images (Macro), le stockage et l'organisation d'images, un système de gestion d'images (IMS) web, l'analyse d'images à l'aide d'algorithmes de deep et machine learning basés sur l'IA, ainsi que le partage de cas à distance et examen par les pairs. Au cœur de cette plateforme, l'IMS CaloPix est considéré comme un leader de l'industrie. Son expertise approfondie renforce la confiance des laboratoires qui souhaitent réussir leur transition vers le numérique. Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur

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