Tribun Health Joins the UniHA Network

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Tribun Health Joins the UniHA Network

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[NOVEMBER 29TH, 2022]

UniHA is a large cooperative of French public hospital purchasers whose mission is to select the best providers in order to bring citizens the most effective treatments available, the best quality of hospital services and to maintain equal access to care.

Tribun Health, the European leader in software development for digital pathology, is pleased to have won the third UniHA lot consisting of an Image Management System (IMS) for the complete integration of imaging in anatomo-cytopathology departments for institutions with at least seven sites.  In acquiring this contract, Tribun Health has demonstrated its leadership and ability to meet the needs of large hospitals and multi-site groups. This package includes all the tools, licenses, maintenance, and support services that will enable hospitals to make a successful digital transition in the best possible time and conditions. Tribun Health will provide personalized, high-quality follow-up, with customer satisfaction as its priority. [...]

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