Clinical Research Services

Outsource your image analysis and harness the capabilities of AI in Pathology. Tribun Health can manage the development of tailor-made AI Apps,  harmonize analysis workflow with your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), run image analysis with precision, all while ensuring adherence to clinical and laboratory standards (GCP and GLP).

Save time without sacrificing compliance. Incorporate AI into your image analysis workflow.

Tribun Health guides you through your digital journey, from the specifications to the validation of the AI model.

Step 1: Algorithm Validation

Tribun Health develops customized algorithms that are designed to align seamlessly with your established standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Each phase of algorithm development and validation is tracked using your images.

  • From the initial stages of defining your objectives to the final deployment of a validated AI digital assay, we offer comprehensive documentation and traceability to guarantee strict adherence to your SOPs.

  • Tribun Health leverages its community of internationally recognized certified pathologists to validate the algorithms.

Step 2: Digital image analysis

Tribun Health employs a validated AI algorithm to analyze your data.

  • Tribun Health processes your samples in accordance with your established SOPs.

  • Every stage of this process is systematically documented through a comprehensive audit trail, commencing from QC inspection and concluding with validation.

  • Irrespective of your study's specific goals, our team draws upon its expertise in science, technology, to provide you with expedited results throughout the entire process.

Protocol adherence: adhering to your analytical plan and SOPs


Why choose Tribun Health ?

Rapid design

Portfolio of proprietary pre-computed AI pipelines.

Report Delivery

Quality controlled results detailed in an electronically signed report.


Secured and limited access to the data generated.

Clinical Awareness

Quality and Regulatory Affairs are at the heart of Tribun Health's value proposition.