EyeDo AI Platform for Translational Research

Integrate deep learning technology to your research projects. From the management of high-dimensional images to in-depth exploration of your data, EyeDo empowers your digital quantitative capabilities.

Time is of the essence. Accelerate the adoption of digital image analysis assays with our technology and propel your research, all from one single web-based platform. We are here to assist you in this age of unprecedented medical and scientific discovery.

Explore the complexity of tissue microenvironment

Enter the era of spatial biology with EyeDo. Gain a better visualization of the biomarker landscape and make the tissue environment interpretable.  

With Tribun Health's EyeDo platform, easily visualize cell phenotypes within segmented areas on whole tissue sections. Explore panels of biomarkers specific to your research project and unlock the capability to fully understand tissue organization and disease development.  

EyeDo's cloud-based platform offers functionalities such as controlled workflows, audit trails, and E-signatures, ensuring compliance with GCLP standards. The field of spatial biology is rapidly advancing, and EyeDo provides the tools to stay at the forefront of this exciting area of research. 

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Identify vital biomarkers of high predictive value

With EyeDo's AI technology, you can infer advanced labels like clinical outcomes or comprehensive pathology grading, discerning intricate patterns from tissue slides. By leveraging the EyeDo platform, you gain access to interpretive capabilities essential for unbiased and efficient data analysis.